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The Laird Arcade Brewery
The Laird Arcade Brewery
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    Screamin’ Mimi (Red Ale)

    Just as Thrilling as going to the bridge and beeping your horn three times with the lights off. Our Red Ale tells a story of its own with a firm sweetness that teases your excitement and anticipation to a crisp and abrupt finish much like that final night for Mimi. A banshee may not show up next to you, but if you drink too many, you might hear one in your head the next morning.

    Scutch Ale (Scotch Ale)

    Just as down to earth as the folks from McCutchenville (pronounced Scutch), our Scotch Ale brings out a pleasantly subtle hint of smoke riding on the sweet waves of nearly caramelized malted grains.

    Dragon Bottom Paddler’s Ale (ESB)

    Don’t let the name fool you. Our Anglo American Bitter takes from traditional ESB’s and balances the malts and hops into an earthy and almost herbal pale ale that harkens back to the days before hops started tipping the scale in their favor.

    Bailiwicked (Coffee Wheat)

    The looks of this beer may deceive you. Our Wheat Beer may look dark, but it is a light and refreshing ale made more robust by our friends at Bailiwicks Coffee Company. They roast the beans in house and change the blend to meet the season. 

    Knight Shift (Chocolate Stout) 

    Rich and malty, this Stout appeals to your sweet tooth with a steady influx of chocolate without going overboard. Dark and alluring, yet noble enough to find a seat at the round table.

    Tippin Glass (Cream Ale)

    Smooth and Creamy, this crowd pleaser is sure to harken back to the days of sneaking sips of your grandfather’s beer. A session-able ale that is sure to satisfy any beer drinkers pallet. Take a walk through American History with this popular Pre-Prohibition style of beer and taste the heritage of our Nation’s beer.

    A Little is Good (session IPA)

    Our house IPA Built to be enjoyed at a session-able pace. Go ahead, have another. Then, have another.

    Iron Gate Abbey (Belgian Dubbel)

    Our Belgian style ale will transport you to the back alleys of Belgium. Light fruity tones with malty body appeal to your senses as you sip on what teases to be something you might drink on a cobblestone patio in Europe.  Our location actually served as an alley between two buildings before being closed in, and the Historic Iron Gate serves as a reminder to those days, as well as a conversation piece. We hope you feel whisked away from your daily worries, and enjoy some tranquility and have a mental vacation while drinking this, and all our beers.

    Seneca County (Porter)

    As the seat of Seneca county, Tiffin houses the administrative porters in our county buildings. As such, we felt it necessary to provide an ale brewed with partly browned malts from higher temperatures. Just like the added pressure our civil servants face every day, our porter portrays an outward appearance of sweetness with notes of caramel, despite it’s underlying hints of salted bitterness from the day to day rigors.

    Ale L'Orange (Hazy IPA)

    This Citrusy IPA bears no fruit, rather just an abundance of hops that lends to a hazy, juicy blend perfect for any hop head on a hot day, or a cold day, or any day actually. 

    Home Kids (American IPA)

    Our American IPA pays homage to the Junior Order of United American Mechanics National Junior Orphans' Home.  Tiffin had the honor of housing orphans from sick and deceased members of the Order.  As the orphans grew up, many stayed in the area, giving many residents a deep connection to family history of those nicknamed "Home Kids".  Go ahead, grab one for yourself, and a friend.


    Boogie Hill (Imperial Oatmeal Stout)

    Named after a concert series in the 70’s, Boogie Hill saw some of the biggest acts of the time. This powerhouse of a stout lives up to its’ name. The mouth feel starts out smooth and mellow just like a sound check. The body then lends to a light haze of smoke from the peated malt as the show sets into full swing. Just like the roar of the stage echoing through your head, this beer starts to ring if you sit and drink too long. As the headliner takes the stage, you realize the gravity of what you have just experienced, and hopefully enjoyed every minute.