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Thank you for visiting our Brewery. We hope you have an enjoyable experience. Locapour LLC (The Laird Arcade Brewery) Was established to encompass many objectives. 

First, we wanted to spread our love and joy of craft beer to our fellow community members. Equally important to us, was to build up our local business neighbors in the process. 

All three owners were raised in Tiffin and have a strong desire to give back to our home town. We have made every effort to source materials, services, and ingredients as locally as possible. 

We have taken the mindset that “A rising tide raises all ships”; and the best way for us to give back to our hometown is to provide a quality product and draw new customers to Tiffin. Once here, we feel people will discover various other attractions and shopping opportunities. If you are new to Tiffin (or even a lifelong resident), please check out everything Tiffin has to offer. 

Ultimately, your word of mouth is our best method for bringing more business to Tiffin; and we hope that we have provided an experience for you worthy of your recommendation. 

Until next time, 


Eric, Rob, Andy and the entire staff of The Laird Arcade Brewery.




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